You know if this bearded man breaths something different, I'm going to find out about it. This past weekend the majestic Chris Stapleton closed out the 43rd season of Austin City Limits. Mix in Stapleton live with the amazing recording that ACL produces on their show, and you've got yourself one heck of a live performance! Although this was recorded back in October, and streamed live, there were only small video clips here and there to find. Now on his personal YouTube page, you will find quite a few songs from the season finally, and what a finally it was. With the set list including, Fire Away, Whiskey and You, Diamonds and Gasoline, and a whole lot more, the audience and this husky viewer, just sat in amazement. I still say he could sing the manual for a washing machine and make a number 1 hit.


He was joined along with the Turn Pike Troubadours on the finally as well. You should really give these guys as listen, after you're done drooling over Stapleton.

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