It's almost Friday and tomorrow morning we got a real big treat for you.  The crazy boys from Cameron Parish will take over the Gator 99.5 studio Friday morning.

Steelshot has been busy as of late.  They have been performing all over Southwest Louisiana and let me tell you if you have never seen them live make sure you follow them on Facebook to see where they are playing next.

Steelshot (Facebook/Wes haney)
Steelshot (Facebook/Wes haney)

Also launched their very own cruise for fans to attend.  I can't even imagine what will happen when these boys take over a cruise ship.  It is slated for November 14th-21st, 2020.  That ship will never be the same.

The boys of Steelshot will be live in the Gator 99.5 studio with me and Kassie tomorrow morning (Friday, Feb. 14th).  We will go Facebook live on the Gator page and talk to them about their upcoming events.

So make sure to tune in!

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