Never fails. I get up early to bring my wife into work. Come home and for the last hour It's been nothing but moo mmmoooo MOOOOO moo...and on top of that, one of my wife's aunt's stupid horses decided to voice his opinion too... with the cows?!?! You kidding, right?
Out of allllllll the land at your disposal... why the heck do you choose to plop your butt 20 feet from my bedroom window? Oh, and socialize with THE COWS???

Gator Country Feedback?

Bernice Conner Zaunbrecher Gotta love country living....I'd choose cows and horse over sirens and vehicle noises anyday....

Lauren Colley Vincent You need some roosters!! Lol

Kris St James I...could eat me some southern fried yard bird today!

Lauren Colley Vincent Lol, noooo to join in the "conversation"!

Lori Evert Didn't you get used to that noise in Nebraska? lol

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