PBR, Pabst Blue Ribbon, is now facing possible an issue a little hard to swallow. What was once the perfect example of being on the edge of bankruptcy, but suddenly doubling its barrel production within a years time, is now being threatened to disappear again.

Pabst is produced by the MillerCoors. It has a long standing contract with the company that will expire in 2020. MillerCoors has expressed their decision to not renew the contract with the Blue Ribbon, leaving them to figure out what to do next. They have decided to take this battle to court in November against MillerCoors as well. MillerCoors decision is based on a heavily declining beer market they are facing, and they want out of the deal.

Pabst Beer Sold To Russian Company, Oasis Beverages
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If Pabst can't renew, they will be forced to find a brewery capable of handling their needs, or start their own. Both will take time and a LOT of money to do. All while not being able to manufacturer their entire line.

Pabst is taking MillerCoors to court with the claim that MillerCoors is trying to strong arm them out of the market in hopes that PBR drinkers will choose a Miller product. During a hearing in April, a Judge agreed that this argument could be plausible, and so set the trial for November.

Start stocking up, there's too much NASCAR to watch and possibly not enough PBR!

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