According to a study out of the Medical College of Wisconsin, losing weight can make you look much older.

Overweight Man sleeping On Exercise Ball

Here's another reason not to bother dieting and just embrace your chubbiness in all of its spectacular glory. You've got to be kidding me. I finally get in a mental place where I'm motivated to lose weight and now this gets dumped on me. People have always told me I look younger than my age, especially when I totally shave my face. Maybe now I'll get to take advantage of all those AAA offers I get in the mail because they'll actually think I'm retirement age once they take a look at my mug when I lose weight.

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The doctors found that when people lose fat in their face, it deflates their cheeks, makes their eyes look hollow and sunken, and makes their jowls sag and look heavy. And all of those things really age you. So if you do feel a need to slim down, do it gradually to give your face and skin a chance to catch up.

I guess this might just be a trade-off I have to accept. I'd much rather look older and be healthy than live like I currently am. So bring on the sunken eyes and deflated cheeks, I'm still motivated to be in a better place.

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