The little hole-in-the-wall bar in Sulphur known as Bob and Pete's is officially for sale, according to Facebook Marketplace. I first visited Bob and Pete's to watch Brad Brinkley play before the pandemic. It might have been one of the greatest times I have ever had.

In 2019, during our St. Jude radiothon, Mike and I actually had the chance to meet Pete. He made a donation to St. Jude and stopped in to visit with us. That's when I just had to hear the story of why we see Bob's name crossed out on some of their shirts. I remember seeing everyone wearing them at the bar, and everybody seemed to have their own story as to why his name was marked out on the signs and shirts. Of course, I believed each one and even added to the story as I went.

I asked Pete when we got off of the air to tell me the real reason Bob's name was marked off. I had prepared myself for a story of epic proportions. Pete smiled, his voice deep and gravely to the point that I think he could read a Maytag manual and I would listen. The short of it is not as epic. Bob wanted out of the bar business, Pete bought his share, and after the paperwork was done, the story goes that Bob told Pete he wanted his name off of the sign. Bob made such a stink about Pete removing his name, Pete did it by simply putting a mark across his name.

Now you can buy the bar and mark Pete's name off of Bob and Pete's if you'd like. It seems after a year-long pandemic with it not being able to open, Pete has decided to retire. The bar is turnkey and ready to open. It just needs someone to run it. It's 3,000 square feet and has everything in it to start making some money. The price is not public, and you have to make an appointment in order to negotiate.

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