Coronavirus has caused price gouging here and there. Clorox wipes have seen a price hike in some stores, facial tissues have started to sell out, and now stores in America are beginning to limit how many packs of toilet paper each customer can purchase per trip. A newspaper company in Australia even, as a joke, printed extra pages of their paper for Aussies to use "in case of an emergency."

We, being social animals, tend to follow in line with others that we see. So, it only takes a few of us seeing this trend to jump on the bandwagon and do the same. Hearing stories of water running out on shelves, and our beloved TP running out, it starts a panic that we need to do the same. Mix that with the numerous information outlets, social media hype, and the true unknown of the virus, and we tend to go into survival mode real fast. There are a few things, while being stuck in a house, that you do not want to run out of.

Facebook Georges House of Flowers 1

Have no fear! Sulphur florist George's House of Flowers has the answer to your wiping needs. As a joke, owner George posted a picture of a bag full of fern clippings on the company's Facebook page. He's calling it "Organic Toilet Paper" and has it priced at $5.00 a bag. It seems to be all natural and packaged up for use.

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