In a world of videos and pictures, making a video is super easy. I remember when I was at Barbe ('01 baby!), you could buy a VHS Cassette of the school year for $30. It was a combination of videos taken at school events throughout the year. I begged and begged to get one, mostly because I was on it for about three seconds when they came and shot the Barbe Choir during class.

Brady Canon 3

Now, you grab your phone, shoot the video, and post it for all the world to see. With football season here, a hype video is always in order. It's a way to get fans pumped up about the season, players to see themselves, and fans to get excited to attend the games. Throw in some hard-hitting music in the background and slow the footage down like the best highlights from ESPN.

Brady Canon 4

Brady Canon has done it, and done it well, for Sulphur Highschool. He uploaded this video yesterday and it has already has over 1100 views as of today. I am a loyal Bucs fan, but even this video gets me a bit hyped up about the Tors' football season!

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