The "Honkey Tonk Mexican" has released his first single to the world, finally. It has been in the works for quite some time, but with COVID-19 it was delayed numerous times. Finally, it has been released and is already turning heads as it climbs up various independent charts around SWLA and Texas.

Whiskey Before Noon is the name, and it depicts the story of someone who has lost their love and really doesn't know what to do but drink. What is he going to drink? Whiskey. The song features a late '90s country music feel with steel guitar, honkey tonk piano, and a screaming guitar solo. By the time you're done listening to it a few times, you should already be a few whiskeys deep.

Jimenez is no stranger to SWLA. He got his start playing random gigs and learning songs as he went. His band is known for helping out in the community by playing charity events to help their fellow man out by entertaining. It is also no secret that his following has no issue packing a venue and sometimes drinking the entire bar dry. It should be also noted that a horse has shown up inside of at least two bars while he was on stage playing.

We are excited to finally share this hard work with our fans and supporters, we all suffered in 2020 so we all deserve some whiskey before noon in 2021.

Jimenez and the band are already booking for the 2021 season, and have quite a few performance lined up in January alone. This Friday, he and the gang will be featured at Beauxdine's on Ryan street from 6:00pm-9:00pm. You can hear Whiskey Before Noon live or go ahead and get it for yourself on any music platform you have to warm up your vocal cords for Friday.

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