Not all heroes wear capes. Also, not all heroes can think of a unique name for their product. Introducing the BarrelMover 5000! Original idea, not so original name. Were there 4,999 other tries at making it?

The video has been trending lately, although the company itself has been around for quite a few years now. The contraption allows a single operator to use a vehicle to move barrels from one side of the road to the other, just by driving. It seems like it takes a bit of finesse, but I am positive some coonass here in SWLA is already trying to make one out of old parts from a boat trailer he had sitting in the backyard.

barrel mover 1

Ideally, the tool allows a single man to sit in the safety of a vehicle to move cones as traffic still flows around him. It's a pretty neat invention, and it seems a lot of cities and contractors around America have purchased it for their crews to use. It seems to be a hot item and was on the cover of AsphaltPro Magazine.

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