Taylor Swift showed us that she's totally down with Cajun traditions as she was seen 'paqueing' eggs with her brother on Easter Sunday.

If you let Yahoo tell it, they believe Taylor "created the world's greatest Easter game," but anyone from Cajun Country knows that 'paqueing' or knocking eggs is a tradition that has been celebrated for generations.

Taylor posted a series of videos to her Twitter page where we saw the pop singer go egg-to-egg with her brother Austin in a contest dubbed "Easter Egg Battles 2016."

Even though T-Swizzle (or Yahoo!) may not know that she is partaking in a classic Cajun Easter tradition, it's still super cool to see one of the biggest stars in the world playing the same game so many of us Cajuns play over the Easter holiday with our families.

End the end, Taylor took the "L," but she claims her brother cheated. What do you think?

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