In just a few days, it will be time to crank up the oven, throw on the apron, and get to cooking some of our Thanksgiving favorites. You'll have the green bean casserole, the pies, the deviled eggs, and prepare to roast that beautiful cauliflower. Yep, you read that right.

cauli 1

This roasted cauliflower isn't a side dish, it's mean to be the main event. Roasted, glazed, and veggie-ey. Thrive Market's YouTube page takes us through the steps to roast the non-yard bird and even add a honey glaze to it. Now, I am not a HUGE fan of turkey (#TeamHam), and I do love cauliflower. Replacing the main course totally with a veggie? I just don't know. Then I watched the video, I have to say, I'd certainly be down to give it a try!

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