I've never been much of a beer drinker, but some of the HUGE names on this list are surprising to me!

The website 24/7 Wall Street combed over beer sales data for the last 5 years and found out what beers Americans just aren't consuming anymore.

It makes me think that micro brews and IPAs are taking over the beer drinking landscape.  Let us know in the comments what beer(s) you drink.

The 10 Beers Americans Aren't Drinking Anymore:

1.  Bud Light Lime, down 35.5%.

2.  Keystone Light, down 26.2%.

3.  Miller High Life, down 24.1%.

4.  Natural Light, down 23%.

5.  Budweiser, down 22.2%.

6.  Natural Ice, down 20.9%.

7.  Busch, down 19.7%.

8.  Bud Light, down 13.4%.

9.  Miller Lite, down 12.6%.

10.  Icehouse, down 6.6%.

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