Many years ago, I set out on a mission to find a good fish sandwich. I enjoy crawfish just as much as the next Louisianian, but let's be honest, you can't grab and go five pounds of crawfish. During the Lenten season, seafood is a hot commodity and served by almost every restaurant that wants to survive for these next 40 days.

A few years back, I decided to set out on a mission of the best fish sandwich in the area. Unscientifically, I set out on my mission to visit fast food places, chain restaurants, and local places all lumped into one big group. You know McDonald's is a tried and true player in this game, but so is Checkers. I tried Ball's Fried Chicken's, and even a weird "one time" one at O'Charleys.

I decided to make a list, but also know I missed a TON of places I have yet to try. That's where you come in. Where are some great places to enjoy a really good fish sandwich

Now, on to the list!

Pearly King and Queen
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Your Buddy Russ' Fish Sandwich Top 5 List, aka Change My Mind.

5. McDonald's - It is what it is: bread, tartar sauce, add cheese. Gets the job done.

4. Checkers  - A bit better of a cod sandwich, add mayo and cheese

3. Burger King - This one comes down to the bread. It's brioche and delicious

2. Mr Bill's Seafood Express - They have a fried fish po-boy, but put it on the jalapeño bun. You won't regret it!

1. Ball's Fried Chicken - It's fresh, its HUGE and uses the same seasoning as their chicken. Certainly a MUST try!

Don't agree with this list? I know I haven't made my way around all of SWLA, but if you have one that sticks out that I need to try, let us know. We will recompile this list and take a field trip for lunch!

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