Burger King has decided to go a more natural route since consumers have demanded more transparency when it comes to the ingredients in their food. The restaurant chain will be removing preservatives from its iconic Whopper.

This decision was made because in 2018 McDonald's removed artificial additives from seven classic burgers, which included changes to the Big Mac sauce and fresh beef Quarter Pounders. The restaurant chain has made a decision to launch a global advertising campaign that showcases a 28-day old moldy Whopper with a simple message that reads, “The beauty of no artificial preservatives.”

There are currently about 400 restaurants in the United States that are already selling Whoppers without additives. Their expectations are to have all Whoppers in the U.S. be preservative-free by the end of the year.

See the new commercial for yourself to determine if you will want it their way or "Have It Your Way."

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