How many years have you spent with your significant other? I have been married almost 30 years. That's 30 years to the same person. You'd think we'd know all there is to know about each other. You'd be wrong.

The fact is that most wives know more about their husbands than the opposite. Here are some questions you can ask your hubby or you can ask your wife so you'll know the answer. I find a lot of this knowledge will come in handy during holiday shopping.

1. What is her favorite song/singer? If you don't know then you are just like all the other husbands. Most men, 54%, have no idea what their wife's favorite song is. You might want to ask her, music makes a great Christmas gift and you can download it without leaving the house.

2.What is her favorite perfume? About one-third of men have no idea what that fragrance is that she puts on every day. If you're going to spend money on perfume you don't want to experiment. You want to get her something she likes and that you're used to smelling.

3.What is her favorite clothing store? The reason you'd want to know this is that you've got a pretty good chance of finding something that's pretty close to her tastes. If she thinks what you purchased blows chunks she can always take it back. Since it's her favorite store she'll at least appreciate the store credit. 24% of men had no idea what their significant other's favorite store happened to be.

4.What are her allergies? This is a really big deal for a lot of reasons. Severe allergies you're most likely aware of, however, subtle allergies to specific material, fabric, or even jewelry can lead to a less than enjoyable holiday celebration. About 20% of men said they had no idea what their spouse may or may not be allergic to.

5.What is her bra/underwear size? So many well meaning men will go into a place like Victoria's Secret thinking they are going to get a gift that they will enjoy too. Then comes the harsh reality that she is not a Double-D cup and her waistline has not been that small since she was born.  20% of men have no idea what the proper size the women in their life wears. My suggestion to you is this, let her buy her own bras and underwear. We buy for looks, they buy for comfort. Women who are not comfortable under their clothes will make you uncomfortable all day long.

How many of those questions could you answer? We tried this quiz on the guys around the radio station and you can bet a lot of wives and girlfriends are going to be getting gift cards again this year.


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