As soon as February hits there is only one thing on a Louisiana girls mind ... Mardi Gras!

I know, you thought I was going to say Valentine's Day, but these are Louisiana girls we're talking about and Mardi Gras is life. But that doesn't mean your significant other will forget about Valentine's Day. No, she knows it's right around the corner and you better be prepared.

Ditch the chocolates and teddy bears holding hearts this Valentine's Day and get your girl a gift fit for a Cajun queen, because, let's be real, if you're a woman and you're from Louisiana, you're a Cajun queen.

  • Creole Cotton Designs
    Creole Cotton Designs

    Valentine's Day Door Hanger

    Creole Cotton Designs

    If there's one thing ladies love in Louisiana it's decorating their front door for every occasion. Whether it's a purple, gold, and green wreath for Mardi Gras or a sign saying "Saints Fans Live Here", there's just something about dressing up a door that all Bayou State beauties enjoy.

    Creole Cotton Designs is a Lake Charles company that makes door hangers that any Cajun queen would want on their door! From showing off their love of Louisiana with a state shaped, crawfish covered door hanger to this very Valentines-y "Be Mine" sign, Creole Cotton Designs has you covered. Check out their shop on Etsy and follow them on Instagram to see their latest creations!

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    Crawfish Sugar Cookies

    Sugar Belle Sweets

    If your sweetheart has a sweet tooth, but you know a box of chocolates won't do, try these adorably delicious crawfish sugar cookies from Sugar Belle Sweets.

    Every self proclaimed Cajun queen can peel 5 lbs of crawfish like a pro, heck, she probably brings her own gloves! But on Valentine's Day no girl wants you to whisper sweet nothings in her ear with mud bug breath, so just give her something sweet instead. These crawfish sugar cookies will definitely do the trick.

    Check out Sugar Belle Sweets on Etsy for more tasty treats!

  • CatherineMarissa

    Fleur de Lis Ring


    Ditch the diamonds and Cajunfy her Valentine's Day jewelry with a Fleur de Lis!

    You can't walk down a Louisiana street without seeing a Fleur de Lis. Whether it's flying on a flag, bedazzled on a pair of jeans or even permanently tattooed on a person's body, the symbol is everywhere.

    This Fleur de Lis ring from Catherine Marissa on Ety is the perfect amount of Louisiana flare for everyday wear.

  • Abby and Liz Designs
    Abby and Liz Designs

    Louisiana Wine Glasses

    Abby and Liz Designs

    Cheers to your Cajun queen this Valentine's Day with Louisiana wine glasses by Abby and Liz Designs on Etsy.

    Whether you take your significant other out for a fancy V-Day dinner or you hang out at home eating gumbo, chances are you will clink a glass or two in celebration of your love. Plus, every Louisiana lady deserve to tip a few back in her very own Louisiana glass!

  • GnGDigitalDesigns

    Cajun Valentine Patch

    GnG Digital Designs

    If she's your Cajun Valentine you better make it known! Thanks to the GnG Digital Designs Etsy store you can put your mark on your Cajun Queen with this Cajun Valentine patch.

    She can sew it on her jacket or stick it on a bag so the whole world knows she is your Cajun Valentine all the time!

  • zveiger alexandre
    zveiger alexandre

    Bayou State Boxers

    On Muskrat Creek

    It's pretty common for women to buy lingerie for Valentine's Day, so why can't guys?

    Surprise your Valentine by rocking Mardi Gras mask boxers or slip into some crawfish covered drawers before bed. Who can resist Louisiana themed underwear?

    Check out On Muskrat Creek's Etsy page for different patterns and get your very own custom Cajun boxers this Valentine's Day!

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