If you are a fan of the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation movie then you must watch this video called The Griswold's of New Jersey and their lighting display down to the last detail.

The Christmas lights on this house are as obnoxious as the house in the movie. I mean it just glows with thousands of lights on the house.

Whoever owns this home took the display to the extreme and made sure to incorporate all the elements that the movie had when it came to the lights. In the video you will see cousin Eddie's broke down RV, Clark trying to plug in the lights, a police car on the lawn and of course the famous station wagon with the oversized Christmas tree on top of it.

Click the blue box below to watch this awesome video.

If you are a huge fan of the show then you probably enjoyed the video above.   Now how would you like to watch the movie with two of the stars of the movie Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo?

The Comedy Awards 2012 - Show
Norm Macdonald & Colin Quinn (Getty Images)

You can do just that!  On Chevy Chase's Facebook page there is a chance for you to watch the movie with the stars while they do live commentary about the movie. If you buy a VIP pass you will be able to ask them a question after the show is over.

So to all my Griswold fans, we hope this put a smile on your face today.

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