I STINK AT FOOSBALL. No, that's a fact. I can spin and spin and spin my players around and around

like we who can't play the game do.  The intense players are the one's that only "pop" their

wrists and they tap(pass) the ball with on a little effort back and forth between their players until

the moment comes when they see nothing but a hole big enough to drive a tractor through appear

and then BAM!...SCOOOOOOOOORE!!!


The fine folks over at Hammacher Schlemmer have got a foosball table for everyone like me.

You can adjust the size of the goals






Introducing  a foosball table that handicaps players scoring chances by widening or narrowing the goal.

You can even customize the goal openings to each player's personal difficulty level.

Motion-detecting LEDs celebrate each score by  lighting up whenever a ball hits home.


It also has an electronic scoreboard that keeps track of each game.


Made of fiberboard with cherry wood finish, the table has integral cup holders for

beverages and cleans up real easy after a night of beer drinking & breath stinking.