Being born and raised right here in Lake Charles, I happened to notice when things look different in my beautiful city. I noticed just that yesterday when I was leaving the radio station and driving by the Lake Charles Civic Center.

I looked up and noticed that the civic center sign was gone. I did see a couple of weeks ago a crew working on it but didn't know that it was going to be torn completely down.

Now the sign suffered significant damage in 2020 with hurricanes Laura and Delta coming through Southwest Louisiana.

Do you remember what the sign used to look like? See below.

Lake Charles Civic Center Full Sign (Google Earth)
Lake Charles Civic Center Full Sign (Google Earth)

The iconic sign has been in front of the Lake Charles Civic Center for many years and I am not old enough but maybe had been there since the building was built in 1972.

I can remember that the civic center was the spot national artists would stop on their important music tours to perform. Some of the iconic artists who have played at the Lake Charles civic center include Elvis Presley, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Reba Mcentire, Randy Travis, Alabama, The Judds, Bon Jovi, and many more I can't remember right now.

Not to make assumptions but we are sure that there are plans to replace the sign.  In the meantime, the iconic sign is now gone for the time being.

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