He stands tall on its hind legs with glowing red eyes as it greets passengers flying in and out of Denver International Airport. I speak of Bluecifer, the demon horse statue.

A couple of days ago, I got myself into a pickle. Long story short... I wound up stuck at an airport in Colorado. A blizzard had hit and all flights were canceled. Yup, mine too! Ugh!

So, sitting amongst the other stranded passengers I got to hear about a great many things in Denver. One was about a 30 foot statue of a horse named Bluecifer.

The thing creepy about this mustang statue, IT KILLED IT'S ARTIST! Yup! As the sculptor was erecting the horse, a piece of the horse's "underside" fell on him.

Artist Luis Jimenez died of his injuries.

Bluecifer is still a gelding today.