You probably read the headline and said there is no way the Saints can make the 2022 playoffs after the season they have had but no, there is a way for the Saints to make the postseason.

The first thing that helped the Saints stay in the playoff picture was their win over the Cleveland Browns last Saturday 17-10. That put their record at 6-9 overall. I know what your thinking, how in the heck can they make the playoffs with that record?

One reason is that the NFC South division is terrible. Tampa is at the top of the division but they sit under a 500 record with a record of 7-8 followed by the Panthers with a similar record as the Saints at 6-9. Then the Saints are in third place in the division.

Seattle Seahawks v New Orleans Saints
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So can the Saints make the playoffs? The answer is yes and here is how the Saints can make the 2022 playoffs.

  • First off, the New Orleans Saints will need to win their final two games no matter what. If they lose just one game, they are out. The Tampa Bay Bucs will also need to lose their two remaining games.
  • This week, the Saints take on the best team in the NFL this season as they face off against the Eagles. They will need to beat the Eagles and they will need the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to lose to the Carolina Panthers. The only saving grace for the Saints is that the Eagles starting quarterback Jalen Hurts is out with an injury which could help the Saints get a victory facing a backup QB.
  • If all those things happened this week, then on the final week of the season, the Saints will need to beat the Carolina Panthers, and the Tampa Bay Bucs need to lose to the Falcons.
New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers
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If all these things shake out, the Saints will make it into the postseason.  Let's start praying and cheering for the black and Gold.

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