Yep, Oreo came out with a chocolate bar and it's pretty much what dreams are made of. I mean, milk chocolate stuffed with layers of cream and Oreo's, how could that not taste like an angel?

Did I mention this magical chocolate masterpiece is here to stay? Yeah, the Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar rolled out on November 14th and is expected to be in stores everywhere by January 2017.

I forgot the best part! Oreo didn't just make one candy bar, oh no, they made two. The Oreo Big Crunch Bar is just as delicious but twice the size, because you can never have enough milk chocolate, Oreo and cream in your life.

Take a peak at the Big Crunch Bar and the Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar and prepare yourself for chocolate envy. Seriously, my life won't be complete until I try one.

[via Cosmopolitan]