Long gone are the days of the paper bags and fans hiding in plain sight when it comes to the New Orleans Saints.  And we have Drew Brees, Sean Payton, and Mickey Loomis to thank for that!

So what are the odds professionals saying about the Saints' chances to make the Super Bowl this year?  I mean, you would think it would be pretty good with the explosive (and balanced) offense we have this year.  And you add in a much improved defensive squad (15th in the league), thank you Dennis Allen.  Boy, was "The Viking" (Rob Ryan) a huge bust for us!  But it seems Allen has our defense on an upward projectory.  He has been masterful at handling injuries all season long and putting players in a position to succeed!

According to Yahoo Sports the Saints have a 20% to go to the Super Bowl and win.  This seems really low to me.  I mean come on, we have Carolina's number this season.  Only the Vikings pose a serious threat to the Saint's making the Super Bowl for the NFC.  Yeah, Yeah, we lost to the Rams, but they are young and will probably fold under the pressure of the moment.  The Eagles are going into the Playoffs with Nick Foles, did you see last week's game...my case is closed.

Looking at the AFC, the only 2 contenders in a very week conference are New England and Pittsburgh.  The Steelers are the most complete team in the AFC and they deserve to go to the Super Bowl and represent the AFC, but we all know the secret VODOO that Belichick and Brady possess.

My prediction for the Super Bowl is:

New Orleans Saints vs Pittsburgh Steelers

With New Orleans winning a shoot out 45 - 39

Here are the other teams odds, according to Yahoo Sports, to make and win the Super Bowl this year:

1. New England Patriots at 5-to-7, or 58%.

2. Minnesota Vikings at 7-to-4, or 36%.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers 29%

4. L.A. Rams 20%

5.  Philadelphia Eagles 17%

6.  Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Falcons 11%

7.  Carolina Panthers 10%

8.  Tennessee Titans, Buffalo Bills 2%

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