In 1958, a man that could save our lives was born. We just didn't know it yet. Wayne Toups was born in Crowely, LA and gained in popularity towards 1984. Not soon after, an 11 year old kid named Travis Thibodeaux penned a song that would sweep across genres and radio stations. It skyrocketed to number one on radio stations in Texas and Louisiana. It was even featured in a movie called Dirty Rice. That song? Take My Hand. As a joke, Toups would even say "This is the greatest song Wayne Toups ever recorded".

Now, that song can help save a life or two. It is suggested to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap after touching surface and before touching your face. People suggest singing Happy Birthday or other 20 second songs. They're just so hard to remember. In SWLA, I figured it would be good to find a song we all know, and can sing along with as we wash. The chorus of Take My Hand is 20 seconds long (actually 21), and goes along with reminding you to wash after you touch a hand. So, sing along with me! "WASSSHHHH YOUR HANDSSSS".

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