A phrase we hear all of the time. Being a huge Lake Charles and SWLA fan, I cringe when I hear that phrase. No, there isn't a night club every two feet, there isn't a theme park, there isn't even an Applebees! What we do have, however, is an amazing assortment of fairs, events, festivals, locally owned businesses, and concerts happening constantly in the area.

I follow VisitLakeCharles.org on Facebook. Visit Lake Charles is a part of the Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana Convention and & Visitors Bureau (the CVB is the abbreviation that people rattle off of their tongues super fast and I never got until I made someone tell me what it meant). They put out a video recently that made me smile. It features a very quick tour of all of the possibilities of things to do downtown. It's a very abbreviated video, but the information it packs in is priceless and makes me proud to see the area being showcased as it is. Take a look at it and see for yourself. Check out the other videos they have on their page as well on their YouTube Page.

Ladies and gentlemen, your tour of downtown Lake Charles, hosted by the beautiful bearded John O'Donnell! Now, when you hear that phrase, send that nasty naysayer this link and prove them wrong!

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