"Twice a year there comes a time when time ... doesn't come."

The fake trailer for Taking Back Time turns all of the confusion over daylight saving time into a thriller, and it is 100% on point.

Do you Fall back and Spring forward? Is it "daylight saving" or "daylight savings"?

When the time comes to reset the clocks, I always have so many questions! You'd think that after a lifetime of dealing with the time changes I would have finally figured it out, but no, I'm still sitting here trying to figure out if I'll get an extra hour of sleep on November 6th or lose it.

We all know that one person who is late (or early) to work during the time changes because they "forgot to set their clock". But is that really an excuse in this day and age? Your phone automatically adjusts. I don't even use clocks anymore!

Whether you're looking forward to that extra hour of sleep or dreading trying to figure out how to reset your clocks, this is your friendly and fun reminder that daylight saving time ends on November 6, so prepare yourself.

[via YouTube.com, KENNETH UDUT]

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