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News Daily 27 reports that Morgan Freeman had some great things to say about Lake Charles after a recent visit. According to the "news" source Freeman was "quite impressed" with the Lake Area's residents saying,

 “Well, we had a flat tire just as we were about to leave the city limits of Lake Charles and two, maybe three cars pulled over within five minutes to help us with it. And no, they had no idea who I was before they pulled over. They were very helpful and very friendly. I gotta say, I was really impressed with the people of Lake Charles, Louisiana! That would’ve never happened in L.A.!”

Now, I'm  not saying Morgan Freeman wouldn't love Lake Charles, I'm just saying he didn't actually say all of those great things about the LC. How do I know this? Well, News Daily 27 isn't a real news site, in fact the website prides itself on being a "fantasy news site".  Remember when everyone thought Jim Carrey was moving to Lake Charles? Yeah, that was a big fat News Daily 27 lie too.

I know, it's a little disappointing that Morgan Freeman doesn't actually thing Lake Charles is the bee's knees, but at least now you know the truth and won't go around telling people that Mr. Freeman was impressed by the people of Lake Charles.

You can check out the full fake story and a bunch of other fake, but entertaining, stories on the News Daily 27 website.

[via News Daily 25]


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