It's a gator eat gator world...

All joking aside, this is frightening. That gator is huge, and I'm referring to the lifeless one in the other gator's mouth. The other gator is flipping gigantic! How did someone even take a video of this? I would have sprinted in the other direction.

My favorite part of this video (taken by YouTube user Alex Figueroa) is the caption "I was taking a morning walk this morning before work at Circle B Bar Reserve and I happen to witness this 11 to 12 foot alligator eating a smaller gator he or she killed". Oh, ya know, just "taking a morning walk". Are you kidding? My caption would have been "ARE YOU FOR REAL RIGHT NOW LOOK AT THIS MONSTER GATOR EATING ONE OF ITS OWN KIND! THIS IS INSANE!", but maybe I'm a spaz.

Way to keep your cool, Alex, because I'm pretty sure the rest of the world is watching this video right now and losing its mind a little.

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