What are the poorest cities in Louisiana? We'll count down the top ten locations by zip code.

Earlier this week, we wrote an article on The Top 10 Richest Places in Louisiana, with three locations in Orleans Parish ranking at the top. Four places in SWLA made the Top 50 most wealthiest places in Louisiana.

The following list of the poorest cities in Louisiana is based on the average income of the residents living in particular zip codes around our state. It's worth noting that many residents in these places make more than the zip code's average income. This is just based on an average of all the residents living in that area.

Top 10 Poorest Cities In Louisiana By Zip Code:

  1. 71103: West Shreveport (Caddo Parish) - $22,267 Average Income
  2. 70805: Baton Rouge (East Baton Rouge Parish) - $23,821 Average Income
  3. 71202: Monroe (Ouachita Parish) - $24,075 Average Income
  4. 71109: Queensborough, Shreveport (Caddo Parish) - $24,966 Average Income
  5. 71108: Caddo Heights/South Highlands, Shreveport (Caddo Parish) - $25,33 Average Income
  6. 70807: Scotlandville, Baton Rouge (East Baton Rouge Parish) - $26,012 Average Income
  7. 70802: The Bottoms, Baton Rouge (East Baton Rouge Parish) - $27,142 Average Income
  8. 70812: Merrydale, Baton Rouge (East Baton Rouge Parish) - $29,407 Average Income
  9. 70126: 9th Ward/New Orleans East, New Orleans (Orleans Parish) - $30,500 Average Income
  10. 70127: Little Woods/West Lake Forest/New Orleans East, New Orleans (Orleans Parish) - $30,729 Average Income

Two zip codes in Southwest Louisiana ranked in the list:

  • #43 70615: Lake Charles (Calcasieu Parish) - $37,25 Average Income
  • #47 70532: Elton (Jefferson Davis Parish) - $38,445 Average Income

To see a list of the top 50 poorest cities in Louisiana, click here.

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