We are a little more than a week away from Thanksgiving. This is the time where the family gets together and one of two holidays where we will be able to eat until our heart is content with great food for all to enjoy. Being in Louisiana for over the past twenty years is something that I love and the food here is second to none. But at the end of the day, there are still traditions that follow regardless of where you go.

It is nothing for a family to have a Gumbo to feast on when it comes to the holidays. If you are like me, I can have a Gumbo any time of the year whether it's in the Winter or Summer. There are however some things that I can do without when it comes to Thanksgiving and below are the 5 things that I do not want on my plate for the upcoming Holiday.

Chitterlings: Now I am going to be real about 20 years ago this was the first thing that I looked for. Somewhere along the way, I opted to pass on this as something to crave. Whether it was the awful smell or the texture, not mentioning the fact of where it comes from. This is something that I do not want on my dinner plate.


Cranberry Sauce: Here is another odd fact about this. I love Cranberry Juice and can drink it by the gallons, but Cranberry Sauce is not something that I won't close, on, or remotely near my plate. I know that it is used for the dressing and adds flavor for many, but I will surely pass on that going forward.

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Pumpkin Pie: I have never understood this one at all. I love Sweet Potato Pies, Pecan Pies, and Key-Lime Pies, but Pumpkin Pie I will pass on it. First of all, it's Pumpkin Pie. Shouldn't that be something that we have for Halloween and not Thanksgiving? I am sure that Michael Myers would love to have a plate of that good old Pumpkin Pie for his feast after a day of slaughter. I am good at that and will surely pass.

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Liver: When it comes to the Holidays. People generally have a round table of food and various meats for different appetites. The liver is one of those things that I have no problem skipping. Pass me some Ham, Turkey, and even Fried Chicken. But if you want to gross me out, just the smell of Liver is enough to make me call my Uncle Earl with a quick trip to the bathroom.

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Green bean Casserole: Why? That is my only question. Who thought that hey we need to have Green Beans, add Onions and Mushrooms. Two things that will have me end date if I were single. I have never been a fan of Onions or Mushrooms and mixing them with Green Beans to me seems like a recipe for disaster.

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At the end of the day families coming together for a celebration is nothing but fun. We get to sit around and tell stories of our childhood and welcome friends and new family members as well. However, I have been a picky eater for a while and when it comes to my Thanksgiving feast, these are dishes I can sure do without.

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