It was announced a few months ago that Baton Rouge was getting a Top Golf. I jumped with joy when I heard the news. Now, it's confirmed that Beaumont will be getting one as well. Formally known as "Games People Play" and "5U Golf Center" in Beaumont, it will change its name once again. That name? Top Golf and Top Golf Swing Suites.


This one of a kind facility will feature the same bells and whistles of what we all know as Top Golf, but on a scaled back frame. It will offer an outdoor range, but also 4 indoor swing simulators. The indoor swing simulator will feature over 85 courses to choose from along with normal games that we all love while playing at Top Golf. How soon will it be ready?

ACM Lifting Lives TOPGOLF Tee-Off
Getty Images for ACM

The outdoor portion of the new facility is expected to be ready by the middle to end of June, while the Swing Suites will be expected to be open by December of this year. It will still feature the same computerized golf games and ball tracking along with food and beverages. Once complete, the facility will be fully operational for golfers, competitions, and party goers.

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