Over the past years, we have seen some major growth in Southwest Louisiana and in Lake Charles. It seems like traffic is a lot heavier these days and there are a lot of strip malls and businesses opening up in the area.

Don't get us wrong, the growth of our city is awesome. It brings new jobs to the area while also giving you a variety of choices of places to go and things to do. Recently, however, we have seen folks take to social media and express their concerns over things that have been coming to Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana.

That prompted us to ask you your opinion on what thing Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana doesn't need anymore of.

I went on Facebook and asked that very question and here are YOUR responses and here are your top 10.

Things Lake Charles or SWLA Doesn't Need Any More Of

Is there something that is not on this list that you thought of that we don't need any more of here in Southwest Louisiana? Are there things that we don't have here in Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana that you wish we did have? We would love to hear what you have to say.

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