YouTube Video Capture
YouTube Video Capture

Trace Adkins cast former Army Specialist Bryan Gerwitz to be in his "Still A Soldier" video.  The video follows the song's lyrics about a soldier who's back home with his family, but is still working through the memories of war.

There's also a bonus when he and a couple of fellow soldiers go on stage to be honored by Trace.

The time between recording the song and making the music video ended up being longer that a year.  Trace said he only have one group of people in mind and he want to make it something they could be proud of.

Adkins told Rare Country:

“We recorded this song well over a year ago, and my intent was always to release it as a tip of my hat to those who have served,” Trace said in a statement. “For those who have crawled off the battlefield but still stand for the anthem … this is for you.” -Trace Adkins

Trace is a spokesperson for the Wounded Warrior Project.  Currently he’s done 12 overseas USO trips to entertain the troops.

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