I am convinced Luke Combs cannot put out a bad song. He's had hit after hit over all his albums as he worked his way up the ladder to stardom. He has won CMA Awards and Billboard Awards plus he's been nominated for Grammys and AMAs. The nominations and wins weren't just for a single song in a single year. The awards and nominations, so far, spread out over the last three years of his career.

His most recent cover, with Brooks and Dunn, wasn't his first to make some noise. Before he found fame, Combs would sit with his guitar and play covers on his YouTube page. Once he got more known, according to fans, a lot of those highly-viewed covers were removed from his page. Luckily, someone ran across this video and saved it. It has resurfaced once again on Facebook and is being shared over and over again. It shows Combs sitting in a Days Inn (we know that because of the coffee cup sitting on the window unit), playing his guitar, hair a mess, and belting out Tracy Chapman's Fast Car. 

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Chapman released the song in 1988 and it became an instant hit, peaking at number six on the Billboard 100. It was also ranked 167 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list. The song, once played by Combs, began to go viral once again as people would watch it over and over again. According to a few comments left, the video had been viewed over 500,000 times before its removal.

A piece of the video is now residing on a page called WeMatter tv. Although it is not the entire song, it's just enough to make you realize Combs should make a cut of the entire song. Since being uploaded in 2018, the video has been viewed over 376,000 times.

Now, we have it here for your Luke Combs enjoyment!

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