Tropical Storm Imelda is making its way onto the Texas shores. Its slow speed means that large amounts of rain will fall onto SE Texas, 10-12 inches according to KPLC. Southwest Louisiana will get a bit of the rain as it makes its way more inland, but only one to two inches. Imelda, as of 1:00pm, is carrying sustained winds of 40mph and is located over Freeport, Texas.

NOAA TD 11-1

People living in those areas should be aware that even though this is not a hurricane, the threat of flooding is very real due to its slower speed. Southwest Louisiana should not feel as much of the flooding due to the lack of rainfall we have had.

NOAA TD 11-2

Hurricane Humberto is strengthening into a category two hurricane but is headed west across the Atlantic, posing no threat to the United States.

There is one more system gaining strength in the Atlantic. Tropical Depression 10, soon to be named Tropical Storm Jerry, is headed northeast, but according to the National Hurricane Center, it is still too far out to know if it will impact our area in any way.

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