Hashtags are a way to group subjects together in the world of social media. Some hashtags go nowhere, as others go totally viral, and live on for eternity. A recent trending hashtag on Twitter, #WhatBoozeTaughtMe, was possibly meant to be a funny way to share drunken stories, but it's turning around to be a way for some to share their story of sobriety and encourage those that are dealing with it to seek help.

A tale as old as time, "the more you drink, the better I look.

They go on and on. That is until the trend took a turn for, what I will call, the better. People began to give examples of the hard lessons that it taught them.


This is where this article will turn into a way to help. If you, or someone you know, is struggling with any sort of substance abuse, there is help. The holidays are rough for a lot of people. People close to you that you think might be OK and fine. Here in Lake Charles, the Alcoholics Anonymous website lists every meeting available in the area, along with times and locations. It even lists their hotline on the main page, 337-502-9833.

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