Yesterday, We got the chance of a lifetime when we were invited on the runway at Chennault airport to watch the United States Air Force Thunderbirds perform.

Let me tell you, these planes are super fast and when you actually get to watch them in action it's even more impressive.  While we were out there broadcasting live we broke out our video camera's and caught the Thunderbirds as the arrived in Lake Charles.

Here is the video of the Thunderbirds invading Lake Charles:

Once they did their practice run, the pilots landed their planes in a unique formation.  It was so cool to see all them land and park the jets in the manner that they did.  Check it out below.

F-16 Thunderbirds (Photo by Mike Soileau TSM)
F-16 Thunderbird (Photo by Mike Soileau TSM)

Once the pilots all landed and lined up, they did a quick debrief and then came to talk to us.  We had the distinct honor of speaking with United States Air Force Major Nick Krajicek.  Major Krajicek has been with the team for two years but is no stranger to flying combat aircraft.

He told us that flown Blackhawk helicopters and has over 650 hours of combat experience in places like Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia just to name a few.  He is a true American hero!

In this video below you will see where me and Major Krajicek are standing next to his jet as we do a live interview on the air.  You will see a huge plane taxi past us.  That plane was actually filled with over 50 team members of the Thunderbirds who help the pilots during the air show.

Here is my interview with Major Krajicek:

The Chennault Airshow begins today with a performance at dusk.  The gates open at 5:00 p.m. today and the show will start approx 7:30 p.m.  For info or tickets you can go to