Less than a week ago, I ran across the story of a Lake Charles Donut shop that involved a gun being pulled by an employee of the donut store and waved around during an altercation. That really was all I could find. The "Story" at the time was all too much hearsay to even mention. I just went for the facts. Now, the woman in the picture decided to tell her side of the story in a Facebook group. Strap in for this one. Here's the statement from the woman holding the gun in the picture.

My employee was outside My Manger and I went 3 blocks to bank. My female employee called me crying they was beating my young man employee. So I arrived My manager got in the middle with my employee I was yelling break it up wasn't happening I got gun out and fire straight up in the air. They broke apart and they were screaming and I was yelling not My employee and not on the lot. Now ask your self why come to a Business where this young man works and act like children. You could of done it after hours but you chose to go to his work place. So yes I will Protect My employees and Business Owner should do the same

I'll decipher this for you, don't worry. I am assuming this is the owner of the donut place. She went to the bank with her manager of the donut shop. They were contacted by an employee at the shop that another employee was in an altercation back at the shop. They rushed back from the bank to the donut shop and the manager of the shop jumped in to handle the situation. Our lady with the gun pulled her gun out and FIRED IT IN THE AIR! This of course broke up the altercation and sent everyone into a panic.

Another comment under the owner's post claimed that she was part of the altercation and they did show up at the donut shop to work out an issue between one of the employees (not related to the donut shop at all) and a daughter. The lady with the gun showed up, pulled the gun out, and indeed did fire the gun into the air. They tried to leave, but were blocked in by another customer and were unable to leave as quickly as they could.

Kelli Murray
Kelli Murray

Obviously, there are three sides to every story. The thing to focus on is that a weapon was fired straight up into the air, and no one really seems to think that's a bad thing to do. You do remember in school that what goes up, must come down, don't you? Also, even if you are not in the city limits, it's still illegal to discharge a firearm with no intent to protect yourself.

Sec. 13:93. - Discharge of firearms

(b) Discharge of firearms in the parish; definitions; exceptions

(1) The discharge of any type of pistol or rifle for any purpose by any person within one-half mile of any street, road or house in the parish is hereby prohibited.

(3) The provisions of this subsection shall not be construed so as to prohibit any person from discharging a firearm in the defense of his person, family, or property.

I guess one could say the owner was protecting property, although nothing says the property was in danger. I looked around to see Louisiana's definition for "family" but it got a bit grey there. According to the lady with the gun, officers did show up at the location and claimed she did the right thing. There's no confirmation that that was said, or that police actually did indeed show up.

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