Nothing makes me more frustrated than to see a crazy video with no context of exactly what was happening to make the people in the video do what they did. However, I do love a good video that involves random chaos. Before we begin, the language in the video is SUPER adult and should not be heard by small ears.

In the video, we are sort of thrust into the middle of the situation. You see a woman get out of the Mercedes in the center just in time for the Honda on the left to back into her door and almost hitting the driver of the Mercedes. The Honda drives off just as the red Ram is backing into the Mercedes. Lord have mercy, that was a lot to take in. I just knew there had to be a story behind this whole video, so I started reading the comments.

Facebook Victoria Guidry
Facebook Victoria Guidry

From what I can gather, allegedly the Mercedes rear-ended the Honda on accident. Someone commented that the Mercedes tried to run after the accident, and that is what started this entire situation. The Honda apparently decided to return the favor by backing into the Mercedes and narrowly traps the driver in her car door. As the Honda speeds off, the truck backs into the Mercedes and speeds off. Take a look at the video.


I am going to call this a touch of road rage, but man I do love watching random videos of crazy situations. It did not appear that anyone was injured during this whole scenario, and the person videoing did say she called the police when it all happened.

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