A huge explosion rocked Houston early this morning. The explosion came from a warehouse that makes plastics located in Northwest Houston. According to reports, debris from the explosion was found over half a mile away, and there was severe damage to homes location in that radius around the plant. As of 1:00pm this afternoon, two deaths have been reported.

The blast happened around 4:30am this morning, and it was heard and felt for miles around Houston. There is an investigation going on currently, but foul play is not believed to have happened. After the blast, police went around the area knocking on door of homes affected to have them leave the area for fear of toxic fumes in that location. After a few hours, it was determined that the air was clear and find to breathe.

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The warehouse was located at Watson Grinding and Manufacturing. The company refurbishes plastic pallets. The main ingredient used to do so is called Polypropylene, and the plant was releasing the chemical after the explosion. Once crews got on the scene, their primary objective was to shut down the source of the release of the chemical via a valve on site. The chemical, flashes at 500 degrees Fahrenheit and reaches auto-ignition at just over 730 degrees Fahrenheit.

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