Imagine the shock and surprise Nicole Toney had when she ran across this small cat perched on the edge of the Veteran's Memorial Bridge in Bridge City. I have seen cats in a lot of places, but to see one sitting on the literal edge of a bridge is a new one on me.

Nicole was driving over the Memorial Bridge the other day and noticed out of the corner of her eye a kitten perched up on the edge of the bridge. She didn't realize what it was until she had passed it up. Realizing what was going on, Nicole circled back over to the other side of the bridge and turned around. She commented on how scared she was that there was a chance it wouldn't be there once she got back around, fearing it would either get hit or jump off. She claimed that it only took about four minutes, but that it felt like an eternity to get back to the kitten.

Nicole pulls over to the shoulder of the bridge and gets out. You can see in the video that she approaches it very slowly and gently sticks her hand out as the cat looks down at the ground below. Nicole walks up even slower and was able to reach out and grab the kitten and walks back to her vehicle.

I'm gonna vomit!

Pretty sure I would have done the same thing walking up the bridge to the edge of it. Nicole gets back in her vehicle and you can hear the kitten let out a little "meow" as perhaps a thank you. Nicole was able to get it home and safe.

Nicole Toney

The nicknamed "Bridge Kitty" was brought to the vet the next day and SHE received her name. Ducky, for being a lucky duck, is indeed a female and has not had her first shots and of course flea medicine. Nicole commented that Ducky is still getting used to her new dog roommates and another cat, but knows it will just take some time.

Nicole Toney

Her video has been viewed over 13,000 times with people saying how amazing and heartwarming it was to see her stop what she was doing and rescue a helpless animal. Others question how Ducky could have possibly even got up there. One theory, by Nicole, is that perhaps Ducky was tucked up under a vehicle to stay warm. That usually happens around colder times. As a former mechanic, I personally have removed quite a few felines from wheel wells after drivers hear a "meow" from their car on their morning drive to work.

We are happy to see that Ducky is doing just fine, and is certainly one lucky duck to have a new mom and family in the Toney household!

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