A drunk woman in Louisiana tried to bash through a glass door to get into a bar and someone got it on video.


This happened back in 2020 and it all started when Zombie Karen was refused service from the bar.  She ended up with a cut on her head and got arrested. It's the stares she's giving through the window that is earning her the nickname, "Zombie Karen."

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The video below is NSFW:

This is frightening, that a person can be so wasted enough to act like that.  Apparently, this happened at a bar in Houma, Louisiana.  Normally this is the kind of stuff you would see happening in Florida.

As crazy as this video is, someone please give the bar patron that's doing the play-by-play in the background an Emmy or ESPY award or both.

Zombie Rising. A hand rising from the ground!

I feel really bad for this lady, now she has to live the rest of her life with a viral video of her doing...well, you saw it. I feel even worse for her kids, can you imagine all the flack they caught from friends and co-workers when this video broke. All I can say is a southern traditional saying, "bless their little hearts".

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