Twenty-four middle schools from Louisiana competed against each other Saturday during the Vex Robotics State Championships.

One team stood out during the heated matches. It was Team Domination (73352E) from Vinton, LA that remained undefeated throughout the day. They finished the qualification round, ranked #1, and chose Cubic Overhaul as their alliance team for the semifinals. The alliance teams remained undefeated during the semifinals and continued on to go undefeated through the final rounds.

VEX Robotics 4

The Vex Robotics World Championships had three spots to fill to represent Louisiana, and Vinton filled all three spots. The Mission Improbable team secured the third spot by winning the Excellence Award. This award is given out to the team that excels all around with their robot, skills, and all-around ability to work together.

VEX Robotics 1
VEX Robotics 3

Now, the teams will travel to Kentucky to compete against other middle schools from around the world. They will be three of 360 total teams competing, testing to see who has the better robot. We wish them the best of luck, and hope they come back with a world championship!

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