Internet sensation and YouTube Quarter Confessions star Thomas Taylor has been arrested and placed in jail in Covington. That name may not sound familiar, but you probably know him better as "Popeye". You know, with the glow sticks.

Thomas became a YouTube sensation in Louisiana after a September 18, 2019 interview with Quarter Confessions. The channel goes around the French Quarter in New Orleans and interviews random visitors, after they perhaps have had a bit too much fun in New Orleans. They ran across Popeye selling glow sticks and in an all around good mood one night, and the interview went viral.

In fact, Dustin Sonnier even ran into Popeye back in November. Sonnier got him to do a shout out for his new album that came out.

It seems that perhaps stardom got to ole Popeye. According to the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office Website, he was arrested on January 2, 2020 for quite a few things: Posession or paraphernalia, posession of methamphetamine, intent to distribute, and criminal damage to property to name a few. With a total of eight charges, Popeye's bond amount is set at $200,000. Perhaps he should have just stuck to selling glow sticks.

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