Gator Lagniappe Best Of
Gator Lagniappe Best Of

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It's that time again, boys and girls. Time to vote for the best of the best in SWLA. Restaurants, things to do, types of food, coffee, and even radio personalities and stations.

Let's focus on that last little line a bit more. Last year, you were kind enough to vote Gator 99.5 the number one station in SWLA, and we voted Mike Soileau the best radio DJ in SWLA. Now, it is time again. Time for your voice to be heard. I won't sit here and tell you who to vote for, but it sure would be cool to do it all over again as number one everywhere!


There are a TON of things for you to vote on, four pages to be exact. You do not have to fill in each category for your vote to count, only 20 over four pages. You can only vote once per email address. Here, I even have the link for you to click. I highly suggest voting on the last page for radio personality, radio program, radio station, and media personality. 

You can vote for whoever is your favorite, but get to voting and help spread the word to get your votes in!

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