October 30th, 2005 was a sad day for folks in Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas, as Six Flags Astroworld closed its doors for good.

The popular theme park opened June 1st, 1968 and was a major destination spot for people in Louisiana and Texas for fun, thrills, and a great family vacation without having to travel too far. It was like going to Disney, but closer.

It has now been fourteen years since the iconic park closed. Do you remember all the awesome rides?

Let us take you back to the time when you rode the XLR8, Greezed Lightnin', Texas Cyclone, Batman: The Escape, Tidal Wave, The Ultra Twister, The Bamboo Shoot, Thunder River, and The Viper.

We found this video that will not only take you around the park like you were visiting for the day, but also take you on all the exciting rides. About 1:21 seconds into the video, get ready to relive and ride all your old favorites.


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