Have you ever been in the presence of true Cajuns and wondered to yourself what are they saying? I know growing up in SWLA many of my relatives used to, and still speak French. Jokingly we knew when they started talking in French, we were either in trouble or they did not want the kids to know what was going on.
If you have ever thought about learning a lost language then look no further. The newly formed “Cajun Family Chapter of the Cajun French Music Association (CFMA) in Jeff Davis Parish is starting what they call “French Tables.” Before each meeting starting at 5:30 pm, Mr. Herman Prejean will be set up and ready to teach, no matter if you are just a beginner or a little rusty. Monthly meetings which are open to the Public start at 6:30 pm. So make your way down to the Welsh Community Center located at 101 Palmer St. this Tuesday, March 5th. And don’t forget about the Jam session following the meeting.

The CFMA was established to promote and preserve the Cajun way of Life. For more information on this event and many more upcoming events, be sure to follow the Cajun Family Chapter of CFMA on Facebook.

10 Things That Prove You're a Cajun from South Louisiana

The culture in South Louisiana is unique, and Cajuns who live there play by their own set of rules. None of them trust the word "Cajun" on a menu outside of the eight parish region known as Acadiana, and the items they call necessities are often unheard of in other parts of the state or country. You can guarantee that every south Louisiana native understands this list and will nod at each entry.

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