Yea, I am breaking a rule here. I am about to talk about music that's NOT country. I am a 90s music kid, whether it be country or any other genre. Weezer was, and still is, one of my favorite bands.

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Why is Weezer covering Africa by Toto? Well, call it a long-standing internet joke. Last December, a girl in California is a huge fan of both the song and the 90s band. She decided to have some fun and make a twitter account, @weezerafrica. 2000 followers later, the joke ran its course of internet stardom and began to die out. That was until last week when the band posted on their YouTube page, a cover of Toto. Was it THE song in question? No, it was Rosana, recorded to perfection by Weezer and used as one last "troll" for the world. Shorlty after, however, the world got what a 14 year old girl (and people in their 30s) had been hoping for. A mastered recording of Weezer singing Africa.

Roddy Johnson

**Bonus Picture** I had the chance to meet Weezer when I was the Entertainment Manager at Lauberge. We did them during a Pool Party in 2014, my dad came to cook for the last show for the crews that were working. After sound check, the band came off the stage and decided to eat some of the BBQ. In the middle of them eating and mingling dad pipes up "So who are you guys". I literally heard crickets as everyone looked around. Rivers wipes his mouth off of pop's famous BBQ sauce and says "Mr. Conrad, we are Weezer." Dad's reply? "Oh, I find if you're weezing, you should probably cough and fix that." Yep, my dad, dad-joked Weezer.

How does it sound? It's freaking awesome and I haven't stopped listening to it since I found it. Listen for yourself! What do you think?