If you are from Louisiana and have been in a marsh or any other waterway, you have seen an alligator or ten in your lifetime. If you have never been to a marsh or swamp, think about the show Swamp People, and you know what we are talking about.

Cajun and Country music legend Jo-EL Sonnier went full-on Swamp People over the weekend as he jumped into an aluminum boat and hit the waterways in the Mermentau River in Louisiana to snag some Gators.

Jo-EL and his wife Bobbye were on the same boat with some folks as the music legend started pulling in the string with some alligators hooked on the other end. They filmed the whole thing and posted it on his official Facebook page.

Photo by Mike Soileau TSM)
Photo by Mike Soileau TSM)

Jo-EL got on the social media platform and said,

Today was one of those days that don’t come around near enough, a day where you feel so blessed to get to experience something that most people will never experience, a day where you spend time with family and friends. Our gator hunt was today and it was an amazing adventure. Special thanks to our friends The Crochet Brothers for invitin’ us on this trip and to our friends Roger Fontenot and Doug Doucet for goin’ with us.

Ready to see Jo-EL Choot 'em? Check out his skills and the Gators they caught and tagged. From what we understand, Jo-EL and the boys caught eight gators on the trip  8 gators. Seven of them were from 4-8 foot gators but they did snag an 11’3” gator that weighed about 600 pounds.

Here is the video of them catching that big boy!

That is a big one. Here's more gator-catching action. Way to go Jo-EL. Here is Jo-EL snagging another one.

Jo-EL and the boys finished up the gator hunt playing a little Cajun music for all the fellas and ladies who went on the hunt. All in all, we would say that it was a good day.

Beautiful Louisiana Wildlife


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